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impressingismyprofession: Soooooo entertain me now

What does a nosy pepper do

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bloggingfromthehobbithole: tell me a joke lol


I tried to make a blind man joke but it didn’t work. So I don’t think you’ll be seeing any jokes from me. Hahah I’m funny

Omg i literally fell out of my bed lol

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just a list of my favorite followers who u should go say hi to

irwinkiss <—- shes in her first year of college

impressingismyprofession <- hes adorable talk to him

keeyamageeya <- shes a dork and i love her

his-fallenangel <- one of the most punk people i know

colorshockofthecentury <- shes just amazing

callmetinker <- weird but i love her

jackie-thegreat <- literally the coolest/funniest cheerleader i know (besides myself)

do it, go follow them

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niall has been legal in america for literally one week and i swear he has been drunk 90% of that time

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